I hate when people say, “But she has such potential.”
Duh?! Each of us has potential, but potential is powerless unless you put it into action.

Your potential can only be manifest with consistent, constant action. With repetition, these actions create patterns and that, my dear sunshine, is where true transformation occurs.

People often come to me sharing, “I just don’t have it in me to lose weight…”
That is not true.

Every person has the potential to lose weight; it’s their lifestyle patterns that keep them from achieving their goals.

When people ask me “the secret” to losing and maintaining my 120+lb. weight loss for nearly two decades, I tell them it’s simple: I created healthy patterns. (Please note: I said simple, but not easy; I still battle these giants often; thank God for grace and mercy.)

Looking at the pictures above, it is easy to see that the one on the left (290ish lbs. circa 1996) personifies my late night drinking binges, a diet of pizza delivery and Zebra Cakes, no exercise, self-sabotaging thoughts and toxic relationships.

Conversely, the picture on the right (170ish lbs. circa 2016) is the product of a balanced diet, daily exercise sessions, powerful, positive beliefs and thoughts, and stronger, more meaningful relationships–starting with God, myself, food, and of course, others.

So what are you thinking, sunshine; are you ready to create patterns to help you manifest a total transformation–spirit, mind, and body?

Start today by believing you will change, then put one small action into practice routinely to begin creating a pattern for long-lasting transformation.

You can do it.
I believe in you, sunshine,

With love,

P.S. You are not in this alone.
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