Positioned to pivot–Change is happenin’ up in here!
(Christian personal development, personal growth, change, transformation, Christian coaching)

About This Episode

I have a confession.

I AM A TERRIBLE BASKETBALL PLAYER! In fact, I am terrible at many (read: ALL!) organized sports.

Wanna dance? I’m your girl. There are no “real”rules.

I pretty much showed up at games to cheer my fellow 4th Grade Notre Dame Vikings on from from the bench. (And because my mom paid for the season in advance and told me I couldn’t quit.)

Not much has changed since then, since well, ya’ know…that’s how God made me!!?!

I love to cheer people on and encourage them, and I learned how to pivot…well, not on the basketball court, but in life.

And I want to use my God-gifts and experiences that God has walked me through to help others!

Tune in to today’s episode to hear what changes are happening to the Shine with Frannie Show!

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