The power of prevention: Rebekah’s victory from a brain aneurysm to fully healed, healthy, and whole!
with guest Rebekah Tart Wiens

About This Episode

This summer I had the privilege of meeting an amazing woman and fellow sister-in-Christ at a healing ministry school in Georgia.

Rebekah Tart Wiens is a wife, mama, and former RN with a remarkable healing testimony from a near-death brain aneurysm. While she realizes Jehovah Rapha is the Ultimate Healer, she has implemented a number of healthy lifestyle practices into her daily life, including a wonderful supplement that has helped her heal and maintain exceptional health from the inside out! 

 Tune in to today’s episode for faith-based inspiration and hope for your own health journey and insight as to the practices Rebekah implements to live fully, just as God intended!

3 John 2 & John 10:10 


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