When Your Lifelong Dream Happens, but Looks Different than What You Ever Imagined! with viral video star & social media celebrity, Britney Crosson

About This Episode

What a treat it was to have one of my favorite people on the show today! 

Viral video star and social media celebrity, Britney Crosson, joins us and shares how her childhood dreams of becoming an actress have been fulfilled, but they look completely differently than she ever imagined!

Britney is founder and owner of FunLoveMedia and these two words describe her perfectly! Our conversation is candid, personal and fun, but also very practical, as she shares tips about how:

  • she participated in beauty pageantry, modeling, and acting as a young girl (obsessed with Full House–and still is!) and how the agent’s comment of losing 2″off her hips was a “hard no” to continuing 
  • to be real, authentic and genuine as you “share your story” to help others on their journey
  • she uses her social media to help others with important issues such as body image and panic attacks 
  • life is not a linear journey, but can end up better than you imagined! 

Britney has been a performer since childhood with a total of 35+ years of experience on stage and screen. She naturally fell in love with social media back in the MySpace days because it felt like one big stage!  Not only does she prioritize spreading joy to her audience through her dancing and comedy videos, but she’s also passionate about using social media for good.  Britney openly shares about her own professional and personal journey and encourages others that want to make a change in the world to also tell their stories.  With over 15 million views and counting, she’s positively impacting lives all over the world through her videos. 

When Britney’s not working hard on her businesses, you can find her having a dance party with her two kiddos or cuddled up on the couch with wine and her husband watching their favorite tv shows.

As we round the bases for the end of ’22 and embark upon ’23, I invite you to tune in to today’s message and reconsider your personal hopes and dreams then take the limits off of God and expectations off of yourself and step into new and exciting things in the new year and beyond! 

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