The Airbnb hostess canceled the reservation for the retreat just one week away! How to navigate the unexpected with the Holy Spirit as your guide!

About This Episode

One week prior to the Equipped retreat this year, the Airbnb hostess canceled the reservation. Full on cancellation just 8 days before the retreat for the dozen ladies coming to Florida!  

In today’s episode, I share some tips to navigate life’s unexpected happenings with the Holy Spirit as your guide! (I wish I would’ve followed them myself prior to the retreat!)  

Tune in to today’s show for some timely tips as you usher in this joyous, jubilant time of year and heed the Holy Spirit’s voice as God adds some excitement and ADVENTure to your ADDvent season! 

And if you gleaned some wisdom from today’s show, please pray it forward to a friend who might benefit from this, too. 

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