Transformed by Truth & the Lies of Alcohol: How Rose Ann Got Sober During Covid and is on a Mission to Help Others Do the Same

About This Episode

At the onset of Covid, Rose Ann Forte, signed up for a 90-day “no alcohol” challenge within a coaching group. During that time, Rose Ann experienced much transformation and her mind was filled with The Truth as she combatted the lies of alcohol. She is now alcohol free and on a mission to help others do the same.

In today’s episode, Rose Ann shares:

  • why people drink
  • the myth of alcohol
  • the stages involved in going alcohol free
  • the essential component to changing your relationship with alcohol
  • the 3 drinking personalities
  • practical tips to live a healthier life (without alcohol!)
  • her 12-week program, including her daily devotional, plus the foundational faith-based pillars to help others on their journey to alcohol-free living

You can purchase Rose Ann’s daily devotional, The Plans He Has For Me, on Amazon; which will give people access to a Private Facebook group to provide accountability and support with like-minded people.

Her free download of the Kickstart Method for Alcohol Freedom can be found at

You can also connect with Rose Ann on TikTok & Instagram: @roseannforteplans


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