Beyond the Scale! Healthy tips for the holidays (& beyond!) with special guest, RN & fitness/intuitive eating health coach, Sarah Kramer

About This Episode

Sarah Kramer, RN and fitness and intuitive eating health coach, helps us jump start the holiday season with some practical tips to help you prioritize your health without having to spend any extra time or money! 

In today’s episode, Sarah shares:

  • her personal plight with dieting, over-exercising, poor body image and an eating disorder 
  • the difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating
  • how to have a healthy relationship with food & exercise 
  • positive promoting behaviors to help you maintain your health routines and fitness goals during this busy time of year (and beyond)
  • what is intuitive eating and practical ways to implement (and how to instill this in your children, too)

Tune in to today’s episode to glean wisdom to help you prioritize your health this holiday season and beyond! 

About our guest, Sarah:

Sarah Kramer is a registered nurse and mom to two daughters that transitioned into fitness and intuitive eating coaching. She coaches women on how to consume food without letting food consume you. After years of dieting, over-exercising, poor body image and an eating disorder history, Sarah has overcome many obstacles, and as a result of healing her own mindset around these things, she is now able to help other women do the same.

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