Does My Vote Matter? The Important (& Timely) Intersection of Faith & Politics

About This Episode

While we are ultimately citizens of heaven, God calls us to steward our civic duty here on earth and vote with Kingdom values in mind.

On today’s podcast, we are switching gears from fitness for a hot minute to address the important and timely topic of politics. 

In preparation for upcoming Election Day, I strongly encourage you to listen to today’s episode for some timely tips and startling statistics about Christian voting in America. 

Terri Hasdorff is an absolute delight–you will enjoy tremendously, as well as glean much wisdom from her. She is well-accomplished and versed in politics and shares from her new book, Running Into the Fire, published by Charisma House. This book is an insider’s perspective on why more Christians are needed in politics & how to get involved, even at a local level (or when making purchases at your local stores!) Terri is an author, speaker, executive-level leader with a wide range of experience in government affairs, and former congressional candidate. You can learn more about Terri and order her book at

Also, I encourage you to take some time this weekend before heading to the polls next week to do some research on the platforms and policies of the people that are running in your areas/respective states before Tuesday. YOUR VOTE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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