Instead of praying for miracles, try this! Health, healing, & wholeness await, sister!

About This Episode

I was recently listening to one of my favorite Bible teachers, Daniel Amstutz, and he made a statement that stopped me in my tracks: “There is something better than receiving a miracle–being in health!” 

This packed a powerful punch and got my wheels turning! Indeed, we have the honor of asking  Jehovah Rapha for healing & miracles, but God’s design was for us to be in health so we didn’t need to rely on miracles–they would be an overflow of our healthy lives and in turn, we would prosper! 3 John 2

Today we dive into John 5 and explore the concept of a healthy soul as Jesus encountered the man at the pool of Bethsada. Tune in to learn how to be in health from the inside out!

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