It’s ok to not brush your teeth every now & again (only IF you’re doing this!)

About This Episode

I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet while traveling in NC a few weeks ago, but missing the late night & early AM brushing sessions didn’t fill my mouth with cavities the next week. Do you know why? Because more times than not, I consistently brush, floss and gargle my way to good dental hygiene. 

Tune in today episode for some tips and Biblical insights from Gal 6:9 & Matt 5:37 to help us finish summer & embark upon fall with some strong, consistent actions toward being our best versions of ourselves! 

And girl–stewarding your health and honoring God with your precious and holy temple is an act of faithfulness and worship to Our Father! Join us as we transform over the next 40 days in a Shine original program, Healthy & Holy! We begin Saturday, August 27 and look forward to you joining us for this life-changing journey.

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