A bitter heart is birthed from disappointment–don’t let it block your blessing!

About This Episode

This summer, I went through an unexpected break up with a guy that I thought I was going to marry. It stirred a number of emotions–mainly confusion toward him and anger toward God. 

Currently am in the process of healing my bitter and broken heart, which is birthed from disappointment. This can occur when someone, including God, fails you, disappoints you, hurts you or offends you. Check and check. I’m out, Coach. I don’t want to play in the game of love anymore! 

In today’s episode, I unpack the root of bitterness in the Bible as told in Naomi’s story in Ruth 1 and the Israelites’ story in Exodus 15: 22-27. Tune in today’s episode for some biblical tools to move past your bitterness to a better place as you allow Jehovah Rapha to heal your hurting heart! 

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