Stop eating “drive-thru-food!” Tips for a healthier soul & body!

About This Episode

While fast food might be convenient, cheap and taste good, the real cost of eating it never appears on the menu! The ingredients are not always the highest quality, the expense takes a toll on your wallet, and the fast-paced, on-the-go consumption doesn’t allow you to enjoy your meal or your body to process it completely to optimize your health. Similarly, the “fast-food-soul-food” we eat is not always the most nourishing for our souls. Now, don’t get me wrong a good devo, Bible-based app, or drive-time worship session is all good for you, it is not the only diet we should be eating to fortify our souls. 

In today’s podcast, I share some tips to help you rethink and reconsider fast-food-drive-thrus, both for your body and your soul! 

Tune in for some simple, practical tips to help you get healthier & stronger today! 

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