I’ve been on every diet and nothing works.
Since I turned 40, I can’t lose weight.
I swear, if I even look at a donut, I gain 5 lbs.
I don’t have time to workout; my husband and kids need me.
I just don’t have enough willpower to keep going!
I don’t look like the ladies in those fancy fitness classes.
It’s been almost a month and the scale hasn’t moved.
I can’t give up soda–even the diet!
I’ve always been overweight.

These are but a few of the familiar excuses I hear repeatedly from women when they come to me at their wit’s end, exasperated and desperate to lose weight.

While I listen empathetically, because Lord only knows I’ve muttered the same exact expression a kajillion times myself, I question them and help them unravel the truth from the false beliefs that have been keeping them trapped.

One of the strategies I use to help them discover the truth is found in the middle of the word (and entwined in the center of their beliefs): big fat LIE.

We take the belief and classify into one of the following “lies”:
Limitations, Intimidations, Excuses.

Limitations: Since I turned 40, I can’t lose weight.
Truth: Ok, so your metabolism may be slowing down, but you may be, too. And have there been any changes to your exercise or diet since you were 39? Are you eating breakfast? Working out less? There are ways to kick your metabolism into a higher gear:

  • ALWAYS eat breakfast! Always.
  • Early morning or short, frequent exercise sessions throughout the day will rev you back up
  • Grazing on small meals throughout the day will keep your fire burnin’
  • Strength training increases muscle mass and keeps the body burning fat 2x/longer than cardio sessions

Remove limitations and focus on the things you can do to “work with what God has given you” (one of my fave expressions!) rather than focusing on the ways your metabolism doesn’t function the way it once did.

Intimidations: I don’t look like those ladies in those fancy fitness classes. 
Truth: Newsflash; no two bodies are the same.  He YOU-niquely designed you, yes, you, sunshine–PERFECTLY! Can you celebrate that those stretch marks are visible signs of bearing a child? There are many women who I know who would love to have a child of their own. Or those thunder thighs? How many babies have they bounced or finish lines have they crossed?

Also, have you ever considered if some of the ladies in those classes have lost 100lbs. and can be an encouragement and source of support for you on your journey!?!?

It’s time to shift your perspective and stop making assumptions; you are an easy target for the enemy when you let your mind “go there.”

Expectations: I don’t have time to workout; my husband and kids need me.
Yes, you are likely central command station for your entire family, your co-workers, the PTA, your women’s group at church….but if you aren’t taking time to take care of you today, you might not be physically able to take care of others tomorrow.  I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. You need to practice self-love and self-care; great ways to start these practices are healthy boundaries and exercise. I promise you, the energy boost and mood lift you will get from your exercise session will leave your family reminding you, “I think you should go exercise…”

Whether you are looking to lose weight or afraid of ending a long-term relationship or scared to leave a job, lies are embedded in many of our thoughts and keep us playing small and living in fear.

I pray this little mini-lesson about truth and lies helps you on wherever you are on your journey, sunshine.

In love and Truth,