I heard a sermon from Pastor Rick McFarland last week; he shared a great quote: “I want God to say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. Not well, you’re done.”🤯
To fulfill our part of the Great Commission (Matt 28: 18-20) and serve God with our YOUnique gifting 💝 (Eph 2:10), we must maximize our health to the full.
Optimal health opens the doors🚪 for opportunities to serve in bigger ways!
You’ll have the increased energy and strength 💪and the ability to live fully without restrictions or limitations.
And, friend, “serving” doesn’t exclusively mean going to 3rd world nation and building churches or volunteering at your church’s back-to-school-backpack🎒donation-drive.
Those are great things and by all means, keep doing them, but also:
🥰play hopscotch with you kids, grandkids or neighbor kids
📩write a card to your neighbor who’s a single mama and drop a gift card inside for groceries
🚪or even a simple, “Here, let me get the door for you…”
These acts of service are part of God’s favor upon you to be a blessing to others.
Share how you plan to be a blessing 💝through an “act of service” this week!

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