A retail supplier sold branded products to grocery stores in the mid-west. One of their client stores complained about the decrease of sales in the winter months.

After hiring an observer to determine probable causes for the loss, they found that customers put their coats in the carts because the store temperature was too warm. As a result, their cart was too full and there was no room for grocery items. With this simple finding, the store lowered the temperature and sales increased because people kept their coats on.

Brilliant finding, and an oh-so-simple-solution.

And you know, sunshine?
Sometimes it’s the simplest change that can have the greatest impact.

One side salad in place of the fries on the side.
One glass of water instead of the 2-for-1-margarita special at happy hour.
One minute to read the verse of the day before you get out of bed.
One extra block on your evening dog walk even though you’ve been up since 5:00a.m.

One–simple, but not always easy.

Will you commit to one, sunshine?

Share with me what one small change you are going to make starting today. I would venture to bet that it’ll be far more beneficial than the supermarket’s findings.

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Your “one” might be waiting in today’s message!