Fill in the blank: My favorite thing about October is _________ (reply to this email with your response.) 📧

I’m eager to know your fill-in-the-blank Frannie.

Guess what mine is?!


To celebrate, we will be having a virtual party every week. I will be showering all-a-y’all (slang for “you”!) with free gifts ALL. MONTH. LONG.

Only Shine with Frannie subscribers will be eligible to win, so if you’re reading this, you are all set for the weekly giveaway opportunities which begin this week. 👇🏽(Keep an eye on your inbox–the 1st one is happening early this week!)

But here’s the best gift: cross promotion!

All winners will be announced on my social platforms. I will share your website, handle, profile, etc…which will give you increased visibility with my social communities! Who would turn that opportunity down!?

As we know, someone else sharing and bragging on you is the best kind of PR.

“Don’t praise yourself; let others do it!”
Prov 27:2 TLB

So, if you’re not a follower on Facebook, Linked In, or The Gram, follow Shine with Frannie so I can promote you during the giveaways this month! 🥰

So now that you know my favorite thing about October, tell me yours, Frannie. Send me a quick reply.

This is my virtual hug to you from the beaches of St. Augustine!
Happy October, Frannie.