Miracles are everywhere. 
Choose to believe that nothing, that’s no thing, is impossible with God.
Speak it into existence.Thank you, Jesus, that the new job you’ve prepared for me is on its way.
Thank you, Jesus, that my daughter is on her way back home.
Thank you, Jesus, that my son is celebrating clean and sober living.
Thank you, Jesus, that your strength keeps me committed to my goals.
Thank you, Jesus, that my friend is being cured from cancer.
Thank you, Jesus, that my mother-in-law is recovering from surgery.

No thing is impossible.
Week 5 memorization, letter F,  is Luke 1:37 when Mary learns that she will have a baby:

“For with God, all things are possible!”

Harness your power, sunshine–the same power that raised Jesus from the dead–and believe that in and through Him, all things are possible. 

With love for a week filled with possibility and promise,