xmas stretch

Do you start your day  praying and setting your intention that today you will “have more willpower ” than yesterday then life (also known as donuts at the office) gets in the way, and it becomes harder tap into that willpower and source of energy to keep motivated to reach your goals?   I hear ya, sunshine.    We are trained to live for the here and now—hello, YOLO?!    It’s just a cookie dough Blizzard…    Work’s been stressful—I can’t make it to the gym…    It’s summer; my kids are home from school—I don’t have time for…    These shorts fit last summer…   But what if we trained for a different way of living—not the way YOLO way of the world, but the way of Our Father?   You CAN live today (and every day!) with intention and purpose, aligning your health choices and practices with God’s Word.    Your workouts. 1 Corin 9:26-7    Your thoughts. Rom 12:2    Your eating. Gen 9:3    Your time spent reading the Bible. Ps. 119:105    Even your sleep. Prov 3:24   While some may be celebrating Christmas in July, it’s time to celebrate Christ alive in you every day!   If you want to reconnect with God during the busyness of your summer schedule and get healthier—spirit, mind and body—sign up for daily encouragement to keep you motivated and on-track—Bible style.   Click the button below to sign up for The 12 Days of Health God’s Way–Biblically-based health tips and resources to improve every area of your health–spirit, mind, and body!

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