The holidays have officially arrived, sunshine.

During this high-volume buying time of year, nearly every company is trying to get you to apply for their special money-saving-rewards-earning-don’t-want-to-miss-out-credit card. 

The process entails:
   Completing an application.
   Sending it for approval. 
   Reviewing your credit history. 
   Accepting or denying your application.
   Notification of your status.

There are several criterion considered when determining your acceptance or denial. How grateful I am that God does not make us undergo the same process!

This made me think about when Jesus was baptized by John in Matthew 3–the start of Jesus’ three year ministry.

God announced Jesus as His own.
And God was pleased with Him before He ever did anything. 

Before He walked on water.
Before He fed 5,000+ with a little boy’s bagged lunch.
Before He made water into wine at a wedding. 
Before He raised Lazarus from the dead. 

The same is true for me and you, sunshine. 

God approves of us and is pleased with us–no credit check or miracles necessary.

Just by being you, you are approved.
You make Him (and the world) happy and better.

My highest hope is that this message encourages you and helps you be the most authentic, genuinely awesome version of you without feeling the need to strive for anything less than who He loves and created you to be. 

With love,

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