As we embark upon August, the 8th month of the year and number of eternity, I pray eternal and generational blessings and miracles over you and your family!

May God bless you with spontaneous laughter and joy that is infectious in every space you enter!

May you experience “suddenly” breakthroughs in your long-awaited prayers!

May wisdom and discernment guide in every decision you make!

May your relationships overflow with harmony, peace and love!

May you enjoy abundant health and be free of harm or pain! 

May your days be fruitful.

May you think with your mind of Christ.

May you share His light and love with all you meet. 

And specifically for tonight, I pray you sleep so sweetly and soundly knowing that God is already in the new day tomorrow and new week and new month ahead.

He’s got you!

If any of these spoke to you, let me know; send a quick reply I want to stand and agree and pray specifically with you and for you!  🙌 

  • Do you have the desire to draw closer to God but life is “just too busy”
  • Do you desire to live a life of miracles and blessings not just getting by in your finances, health, career, or relationships? 
  • Do you want to hop off the struggle bus and live with unshakable trust in God’s plan when life is challenging?
  • Do you want to make an intentional, meaningful efforts to journal, reflect, and spend quality quiet time with God?
  • Do you miss the “youthful-fun-loving-laugh-out-loud-you-of-20-years-ago” before “adulting” got in the way? 
  • Do you need a long-overdue girls’ getaway? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,
and you are eager to discover and activate the supernatural gifts
of the Holy Spirit to live a life of constant breakthrough, 
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