For some, it is a fun day of celebrating and being celebrated.

For others, today is a day of grief or loss or mourning what could’ve been. 

And yet for others, it is a reminder of hardship or strained relationships.

And still for some, today is meh…there are no distinctive feelings one way or another.

Whatever emotions you feel today, Lee, I want to remind you that Abba:

SEES you
and He CARES for you! 

For a number of reasons, I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions over the years (even today as I type this with tears staining my cheeks).

But I am reminded of Truth in Genesis 3:20, “The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.”

This Biblical reference occurs before Eve had even given birth to any children. yet she was given the title of mother.

Motherhood is a beautiful reflection of the nurturing, softer side of the heart of the triune God (specifically The Holy Spirit) and something that women are fully gifted with, whether or not they ever conceive or give birth. 

So, dear one, I praise God that your life uniquely reflects facets of God’s character and has the ability to shine His light ever-so-brightly-in this world in desperate need of Our Father’s love which is can be ever-so-uniquely displayed through YOU! 

Perhaps this message is not for you, but for someone who needs to be reminded: Our Father sees you, hears you, knows you and loves you! Happy Mother’s Day!