Monthly Membership

So you’re starting a business or currently have one and are ready to take it online.
Yay for you!

But there are a few problems.
You aren’t sure how to:

  • Use the tech tools to shine online
  • Write copy that converts (blogs, social posting, website copy, etc…)
  • Use all of the bells and whistles of social media 
  • Leverage different platforms to make more money
  • Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs 
  • Grow your audience
  • Set up and/or utilize an email list

Well, our monthly membership group is here to help — with ALL of that AND MORE for just $49/month!

There are a number of benefits.
You will:

Learn: We meet every week to share trends, tips, tricks and tools to help you take your business to the next level. You’ll have access to materials and industry experts each will support you on your journey to grow your business in the areas you need (and want) it most.

Network: You’ll be a part of a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs who’ll share strategies and network resources so you can become an industry expert — a luminary! 

Be Empowered: With newfound information each week, you will grow, learn and become empowered. Your confidence will be infectious and yield great rewards! (Can you say, “Impact?”)

2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month

Ready to become a Luminary?

We meet LIVE the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month at 1PM EST for a 60-minute session. 
The weekly session rotation each month is as follows: 
  • Week 2: Industry expert special guest  (*Guests have included SEO. experts, FB ads experts, email campaigns experts, mindset coaches, brand photographers, content specialists, ebook/course creation specialists and MORE!)
  • Week 4: Hands-on, minds-on workshop time for you to receive live coaching to grow your business and your brand to the next level



Here’s what some of the Luminaries are saying:

“Luminaries is a place to start from zero and build a great jumping off with the basics of online business but also a place to sharpen and hone your online skills as well.  It’s a place to build a team around you and your new adventures.  It’s a place to learn from experts in different fields of online selling and marketing and connecting.  If you are interested in the best online group with the straightest trajectory of success… check out the super connector’s Facebook group, Luminaries!   Your knowledge explodes with Frannie Foltz connecting and leading you to amazing opportunities.  Hop on the super connector today!” –Stephanie Sutton, Founder and Owner of Easy Code for Kids


“Frannie has helped me grow my business and thrive as I pivoted to the world of online entrepreneurship! I love our weekly sessions and the amazing women that are part of this group! It is a “must-have” for my business! –Kirsten Quick, Founder/owner of Kirsten Quick Fit 

“This group holds me accountable and helps me meet deadlines and goals that I set for myself.  The weekly accountability is key to my success…this group has pushed me further and helped me to feel (and be!) more successful with each week!”–Danielle Darkangelo

“However, you are chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, people who belong to God.
You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God,
who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”
1 Peter 2:9 GW