Rules schmules…

You may have heard some old-school fashion advice that it is acceptable to wear white jeans between the national holidays of Memorial Day (end of May) and Labor Day (first of September).

Well, it’s a bunch of malarkey if you ask me.

I don’t know who the fashion rule legislators are, but I do know this–
Motion makes progress.

It’s like this–you can learn all of the movements of the butterfly stroke, but it’s not until you are in the water putting all of the motions together that you can actually practice it, and eventually perfect it. (I am still working on this one.)

The same is true in business.

Once you decide to move in the direction of your dreams, hopes, and desires, shift happens! (No swears here.)

So much learning happens from trying and doing and most importantly, failing.

So what if you don’t have the business plan all typed out, or don’t know how to even find the Facebook manager setting to run a Facebook ad. Or maybe you don’t have a clue what a Facebook ad even is. It’s ok.

If you have a heart to serve and and a service people need, you can make shifts happen, (and money, too!) but it requires you taking action.

No rules (or plans or even ads) necessary.

At least to start.
In time, that will come, but to get started, you must get up and go!
As one of my favorite pastors, Mark Batterson says, “Ready. set, go!” is wrong. It is “Go, set, ready!”

I break rules all of the time, but I am in constant motion and movement forward. I learn along the way and pick up new skills and tools to get to the next level.

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