Enjoying the ride

Celebrate living–living to celebrate

Driving up the windy back road on a Sunday evening following a group bike ride, my eyes darted to the side of the road. Tracking a colorfully clad biker, which was typical on the path leading back into Peninsula, just a few miles off the towpath near the scenic Cuyahoga National Park, I noticed him take a brutal fall into the brush.

Did he hit a rock?

Quickly, pulling off to the side of the road, I leaped out of my car, cell in hand, and shouted, “Sir! Are you ok? My name is Frannie, and I know CPR!”

With no response, I dialed 911 and rushed to his side to find him face down still clipped into the pedals of his bike.

Attempting to assess the situation with a quick glance, I firmly rolled his limp body over while attempting to answer the questions of the 911 dispatcher.

I had no clue of my location, but thankfully the authorities were able to track me down through my phone’s navigation.

Listening for a breath and watching for his chest expansion, the seconds ticked away–what was only minutes seemed like an eternity. Soon others began arriving on the scene and shortly after, the Peninsula Police Department sent a police officer–who happened to be an HB grad–to assist in the rescue of Todd Clarke, my newfound Godbrother. 

There is so much more to the story and so many miraculous “coincidences” (I believe there is no such thing in God’s planning) but the only thing that matters is that Todd survived. 

Today marks the one year anniversary of the accident–and both of our lives have been forever changed. 

Yesterday Todd celebrated with close friends and family, and I had the privilege of being there. Below is a quick video message of gratitude from Todd–healthier and stronger than ever!

This is not a story to brag of harrowing acts, rather a gentle reminder to celebrate each and every moment that you are given,  sunshine.

So much can happen over the course of a year, but so much more can happen in the span of a moment.

Thank God for moments spend waiting in a check out line–you have money to make a purchase.

Thanks God for traffic–you have a reliable car to drive. 

Thank God for working an hour overtime–you have a job that pays your bills.

Thank God for your complaining children–you’ve been blessed with the greatest teacher of patience and unconditional love. 

Thank God for my long newsletters–you can read and you have a computer. 

Enjoy the ride every day, sunshine. And take some moments to get CPR certified, too. Check out trainings in your area at www.americanredcross.org

Finally, share with me your guardian angel story or something that you once took for granted that you now see otherwise.

You know where to find me.

With love and light today and always,