Lona would come to our house every 3-4 weeks for what my mom called a “deep-clean.”

My brother and I always questioned my mom, wondering why we would have to “rid up the house” the night before our sweet-talkin’-West Virginian-housekeeper arrived.
Wasn’t that what she was going to do the very next day?

Cleaning the night before the cleaning lady arrives is kind of like brushing and flossing your teeth before you walk out the door for your dentist appointment.
Isn’t that what the hygienist is going to do? 

Both scenarios are kinda what we do with God, right, sunshine?
We feel like we have to “clean up our mess” before we go to Him. 

But it’s the exact opposite.
He is the Ultimate Quicker Picker Upper–ready at a moment’s notice to clean up our mess.

We must go to Him, metaphorically speaking, unmade bed, dirty towels on the bathroom floor, heaping piles of laundry, ring marks around the tub, dishes spilling out of the sink…(you get the picture…) and in that vulnerability and “uncleanliness”, He will be able to make a message from our mess.

His love is made manifest.
His glory is revealed.
His grace heals.

My highest hope and prayer for you, dear sunshine, is that you bring all of your messiness to Him and let Him use your message to share His love with other messy people.

He’s does it for me time and time again, and I know He can do it for you, too.

With messy love,