Happy Leap Year! While this calendar quip may only occur once every 4 years, I am challenging you to take action and try something that scares you TODAY.
What happens when you allow fear to paralyze you?  You play safe and remain where it is warm and comfortable, but you do not grow into all you were intended to be.
Just imagine if a little baby were to remain inside of her mother’s womb forever. Life would be limited and so much would be undiscovered and much potential unactualized.
You are pregnant with possibility and life, too, sunshine. What is calling you to take the big leap today?  A new career possibility? Mending a broken relationship? 10,000 steps?
On Leap Day 2016, share with me one way you are going to give birth to something new and exciting today.
This is what you’ve been designed for. Don’t play small. Embrace the discomfort as you leap into unknown. It will be scary, but oh-so-worth it. After all, you are oh-so-worth it, sunshine.
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With leaps of love,