You blindly reach to silence the phone.

With one eye open you barely make out the time.
Could it really be 6:15a.m.?

You snoozed a few times too many and now it is too late to spend quality quiet time with God and you definitely won’t make it to the gym (even though that was the plan last night) AND make it to work by 8:00.

You roll over, put your feet on the floor and begin counting the hours until you can crawl back in bed again.

Sound familiar?
You are not alone, sunshine.

But you are not called to live Groundhog’s Day–zapped of energy, going through the motions, finding reasons to reprioritize your priorities.

No, you, sunshine, are called to live each day energized and ready to be a light–shining love, joy, positivity, encouragement, and much more.

If you’re feeling drained and your faith practices and health habits have taken a back seat to long, stress-filled work days, car pool schedules, and other energy-drainers, then it’s time to reignite your spark. 

Sign up for Illuminate, a women’s empowerment retreat for women seeking to align their daily health habits and choices with God’s Word and Ways!
Illuminate takes place in Beachwood, OH (east of Cleveland) November 3-5, 2016.

The weekend is action packed:
* Fitness and coaching sessions
*A group service project
*Prayer and reflection time
*Fellowship opportunities
*Worship experiences
*And a few surprises that will light you up, too!

Visit Shine with Frannie to learn more about the retreat weekend schedule, accommodations, and other essentials.

Looking forward to seeing you at Illuminate, sunshine! 

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