I am quitting.
You read that right.
The one who comes into your weekly inbox and inspires you to press on, to persevere, to dream big and achieve the impossible–yep, her.
I’m done.

You see, beginning in May, I encouraged others to go Fast Food Free for the month. It was an idea shared by a reader (and dear friend of mine), and I thought it was a good idea since, you know, I want to help people become stronger and healthier–nixxing fast food seemed like an ideal group challenge, right?

The hard part–actually it’s the easy part for me–is that I don’t typically eat fast food (or even convenience food–read: prepackaged foods like boxed/frozen meals or even prewashed salad. No judegment if you do.) Also, for various reasons, I only go out to eat 1x/week, so the Fast Food Free challenge hasn’t really been a stretch.

So guess what, sunshine?
Just like I tell my clients when something or someone is not working–“It’s ok to fire your goal.” I wasn’t growing or being stretched, so I am quitting this challenge early.


I will still continue to encourage those participating, but I thought it was wise to share with all Shine readers, including you, sunshine, because there may be something that is not stretching or growing you and maybe this message is just what you needed to quit, too.

I pray that this speaks to you and some area of your life–whether you’re participating in the May challenge or not. If so, let me know. I always love hearing from you and cheering you on, too!

And in the meantime, I am praying about what I will do in place of this challenge to round out the month of May.
Something awesome awaits!
Stay tuned.

“Giving in may be more destructive than giving up. When you give up you could potentially start something new, but when you give in you choose to set up camp at the place of defeat, fear, challenge, struggle, compromise, comfort or failure.”
–Christine Caine