My dear friend, Hedy Adler, is one of the biggest Shine ambassadors–she’s always forwarding me articles, pictures, and other resources to keep me updated on the latest news and campaigns for all things girl and woman.
Hedy recently alerted me to a great campaign by photographer, Kate T. Parker, who is redefining “pretty” through images of strength, resiliency, teamwork, courage, and many other descriptors that go beyond a girls’ outward appearance. 
When describing her Strong is the New Pretty campaign, she writes,

“It is a series of photographs showing my two young girls, as well as their friends, just as they are — loud, athletic, fearless, messy, joyous, frustrated.”

The photos are real and raw and absolutely precious and priceless. Take a look and admire the genuine beauty in every freckle, missing-tooth-grin, and strong girl included in these photos. Then look around and celebrate the strong girls that you are blessed to have in your presence.
Thank you, Hedy, and thank you, sunshine, for helping Shine celebrate strong, confident, and healthy girls everywhere. It truly takes a village. I am grateful.
On a mission, Frannie

Take a look