I hate to break it to you, sunshine,  but exercise can’t replace poor eating choices.
Believe me, I tried it for years; it always failed me.

Unfortunately many companies market exercise as “the way” to better health and a better body, too.

Now don’t get me wrong–exercise is essential to overall optimal health, and it can help you look and feel good, too, however, experts say physical exercise accounts for only 30% of the general health equation. (Who are these experts anyway?)

If you think about it, it makes sense.

Most people eat several times a day to nourish their body, however often times the calories in are not the healthiest, therefore they’re not always exercised out like the old weight loss adage of “calories in, calories out.”

If calories consumed are laden with preservatives, high fat percentages and ingredients that only scientists can pronounce, chances are they will linger in your body well beyond a hard-core exercise session, even if the calories consumed equal or exceed the calories expended in your workout.

My brother is a holistic practitioner; he says it quite simply, “The food with the least packaging is the best option.”

For example, an apple has an edible wrapper–the skin–v. a bowl of cereal, which although can be a healthier choice cereal, still contains two wrappers: the cardboard box and the plastic wrap inside.

He supports one of the faith-based weight loss tips that I promote with clients which is to shop “God’s way”–following the perimeter of a grocery store for the freshest foods and least packaged products to fill your cart.

I have much to learn (and apply) about my big brother’s clean and intentional eating habits and practices, however, I am taking baby steps. (We began Quenched–a 31 day all water challenge last week, and a few have already reported weight loss!)

I pray that you too will make one small change to bypass the packaged or prepared food and go for the good stuff–the God stuff–and move, too for your body is a vessel of His love. (1 Corin 6:19)

I pray that you seek to honor and glorify Him with your eating habits and exercise choices, too!



“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
1 Corin 10:31 NLT