On a daily basis, I am blown away by my SmartPhone.
Not only does it alert me of my calendar appointments, using my GPS, it offers me insight to the traffic patterns and my ETA, too. #Kindascary #bigbrotheriswatching
How I wish that my Smartphone could offer me alerts for my daily decisions to keep me on track to my divine purpose and get to my destiny on time, too!

Stop complaining about your job already.
Stay away from him–he’s not right for you!
Don’t rely upon yourself–trust God.

Call her and ask for forgiveness–today! 
You are not alone, Frannie–God is with you! 

But even better than a Smartphone, we do have a Voice that speaks loudly and clearly, alerting us to dangerous, sometimes life-threatening choices.

We have a personal GPS system that offers us insight to appointments and traffic patterns up ahead.

Do you have your Holy Spirit volume up and the alerts on, sunshine.
It’s not Smart Technology, rather wisdom, discernment and obedience.
You’ll never get lost if you follow God’s GPS. 

But when the Father sends the Comforter instead of me*—and by the Comforter,
I mean the Holy Spirithe will teach you much,
as well as remind you of everything I myself have told you.
John 14:26 TLB