The alarm sounds, and the Groundhog-Day-like-routine begins.

Brush your teeth.
Check your phone.
Turn on the Today Show.
Get dressed.
Wake the kids up for school.

So often The One who woke us up is The One that we neglect.
We take His presence and provision for granted. 

While David wrote Psalm 63 during a disastrous and volatile time of his life, he sought God and made quiet time a priority; we must do the same, no matter the circumstances in our lives.
“Earnestly I will seek you.”
(Paraphrased from Psalm 63)
God asks us to give Him our first fruits, (Deut 26) not because He needs it, but as a sign of our obedience.

This does not just entail our financial resources.

When I began my weight loss journey nearly two decades ago, this was the catalyst for my success. I woke up 20 minutes earlier (my tithe) and walked and memorized one scripture verse a week. I put God in first place by giving Him the first fruits of my day.

The rewards of my early morning quiet time have been bountiful and rich; weight loss being a byproduct of the joy, peace, and confidence I acquired.

And this practice has evolved into an hour and has become the most precious part of my day setting the stage for strength, power, and an intimate connection with Our Father. 

This is my highest hope for you, sunshine.

I pray that as you memorize week 5 of the ABC’s of Scripture, you not only learn the verse, but apply it, too.

Earnestly and early, seek Him. The rewards are too great.

With love,