cropped110Today I am honored to share a blessing during my aunt’s funeral luncheon.
While I will open with a story and a little humor about her generous love language of extravagant and sometimes unusual gift-giving, I will conclude by asking everyone to reflect upon three questions as a way of personally honoring her. These are the same three questions I ask myself constantly, especially during trying times or when things don’t seem to make sense in my life. Most often, I survey these questions when encountering a difficult person, situation, or even scripture–no matter the situation or circumstance, these questions help me get grounded in what matters most in my life: my relationship with God.
The questions are: What does this person/situation/passage teach me:     a. about the world?    b. about myself?    c. about Jesus?
I encourage you to think about something in your life today that is perplexing or perhaps that you are celebrating. I hope and pray that these questions will help shed some light for you and bring things into perspective, too.
With love,