I’m completely unqualified.

I’m not a perfect daughter.
Not a perfect friend.
Not a perfect employee.
And most definitely not a perfect Christian.
Light years away, in fact. I mean, I have more flaws than there are cable channels.

I mess up.
Big time.
And all of the time.

Some days I crush it and buy dinner for a stranger and return my grocery cart all of the way to the store, and other days I swear like Eminem and eat cake for dinner. (Don’t judge me.)

But every day I wake up, and I try.
I try to be more like Jesus than the day before.

Some days I want to say, “Screw this. Forget it all. I’ve messed up big time so what’s the use?” And let me just say for the record, I’ve done that before in many of life’s circumstances.
And yes, sunshine. Many of these mishaps have been recent.

But grace.
Because of grace, I get up ready to be transformed and made more like His Son.

I surrender knowing that if God woke me up that day, He has a new serving of grace and mercy ready for me and a work to do in me that is not yet complete. (Phil 1:6)

I know that no matter how big I messed up before, He can and still will use me.
Little ole me.
Frances Marie Foltz.
But the key ingredient is that I must be willing.

God has used flawed, unqualified persons to fulfill His missions before.
And He can and still does.
And He will use me and you, too, sunshine.
All that we have to do is accept the daily challenge to follow Him. 

My story is messy and my actions raise eyebrows, drop jaws, and shake heads, but my mess is message.
My brokenness is part of a beautiful mosaic—a masterpiece in progress.
And so is yours, sunshine.

Are you willing to admit you’re part of the Unqualified Team?
He wants to use you.

Open your ears to hear His voice.
Open your mind to think like He does.
Open your mouth to speak like He does.
Open your heart to love like He does.

P.S. If you’re struggling through something, perhaps feeling less than qualified, reply to this message. I’d love to pray for you.