Hurt to healed to helping

My parents didn’t have children for nearly a decade into their marriage.
My father didn’t want children. My mother desperately did.
My mother stopped taking birth control, and my brother was born; then surprise! I arrived a little over a year later in October 1975.

Upon my first sozo healing session, a wonderful Christian counselor began asking me about my conception story.

Wait, whaaatttt!?!? Who wants to go “there”?

I shared as much as I knew of my parents’ volatile relationship and with the help of my counselor, I put the pieces together: I was born tangled in a lie–one where lust, deceit, and abuse were a way of relating. I was unwanted and rejected before I even took my 1st breath outside of my mother’s belly.

Clare, my counselor pointed out that like David, I was conceived in sin.

“I was brought into this world in sin.
In sin my mother gave birth to me.”
Psalm 51:5

As she tenderly guided me to back to the place of my first wound of rejection, she helped me replace lies with Truth and sin with grace. This led me on a journey of discovery of who God was, who God is, and who I am in Him!

As I continued on my journey of healing through over the years, I’ve learned that if a pregnant mother experiences trauma during her pregnancy the blood supply to the fetus is restricted to ensure the mother’s health can be protected. As a result, the baby enters the world with a feeling of lack and scarcity. (I tell more about this in my most recent podcast; click here to listen.)

I’ve experienced much healing from my childhood trauma which can only be found through genuine affection and love from Our Father. But how blessed I am to have had others serve as a conduit of that healing!

As we embark upon this Holy Week, if you feel you are in need of a healing of wounds of yesteryear and want to experience Our Father’s Love in a newfound way,  I invite you to attend a free bonus teaching in our membership group, Lighten Up Lifestyle, Monday, April 11 @7:30 PM EST with my friend and counselor, Clare. Clare will lead us through a sozo activation where we will replace lies with Truth and sin with grace! Hope to see you there, for it is by His stripes, we are healed! Is 53: 5

Have a most blessed Holy Week