If you know me, sunshine, you know I am chatty. #divinedesign
Even my emails and social media posts can be verbose. And if you ever heard me pray, Lord, have mercy! I’ve been known to cover everyone and every topic from missionaries in Swaziland to my student with a sprained toe.

But Mother Teresa’s words struck a chord within me and reminded me that I don’t need to be chatty Cathy all of the time. Instead simplicity and brevity can be voluminous.

A “Hello” to a passerby.
An “I really like your earrings” to a store clerk.
An “In case nobody told you yet today, I think you’re awesome” to a child.
A “Thanks for all you do” to a spouse.
A “You’re great to work with” to a coworker.

These simple sentiments can be the difference in someone’s day, sunshine.
My highest hope and prayer is that you too, heed Mother Teresa’s words and find someone to speak life into today that will echo into tomorrow. 


P.S. We are beginning a new challenge for the month of May–

31-days of”Fast-Food-Free”


Throughout May, we will go without fast food visits, this includes Starbucks runs, Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, and gas station quick-stops.

If you’re up for it, simply reply “Yes!” to this email, and I’ll add you to the