Over the last month I’ve committed to a number of different habits in an attempt at becoming healthier and stronger.

Intermittent fasting, eliminating chemically-laden, sugar substituted items, completed the 100 rep challenge, and varied my workouts are but a few of the changes I made for January ’19. I remained dedicated to these choices the entire month, and as you might expect, sunshine, I feel great–healthier and stronger–inside and out! 

Many of you shared your progress and success stories with me and echoed my sentiments that you are feeling stronger and healthier! YES! Take that, Satan–you are not winning this battle!

So now it’s February, and I’m here to encourage you to keep pressing on, sunshine.

I want you to keep the momentum going. And if you lost steam along the way or battled with some extra germs or a virus as a few shared they did, that’s ok.
Get back up! (Prov 24:16)

As you begin a new month, I invite you to reflect upon January and think about what February has in store. One way to do that is through journaling.

Consider what works and what doesn’t.
Then commit to making one change that you can accomplish.

Below are a few prompts that I use with clients to help them get started. I pray that these will help keep you make the necessary change to yield lasting results. 

I stopped…
I started…
And then…

I invite you to spend some time this week thinking about the one thing that is most likely keeping you from being your healthiest self, then fill in the blanks with your own responses, sunshine.

A few examples might be: 

I stopped using my credit card. 
I started using cash. 
Then I saved $400.

I stopped eating lunch out.
I started packing my lunch.
Then I saved $80 and lost 2 lbs.

I stopped hitting snooze. 
I started a Frannie’s COREageous workout. (BTW, we meet daily on Shine’s FB page for a core strengthening workout every morning.)
Then I tightened and toned my midriff. 

What will you stop this month?
What will you start this month?
I can’t wait to hear the “and then…” in March!

Pray about it. 
Write it down.
Share it with a loved one to hold you accountable.
Then commit to it.

You are worth it and so much more. 

Much love for a fabulous February, sunshine! 
P.S. I know many Shine readers are not local Melbourne peeps, but a dear friend wanted to participate in Courageous but was unable to travel here on February 23.
So guess what, sunshine? I am going to her church to lead a Courageous workshop in Pennsylvania!

I’d love to share the message of The Gospel and Shine’s mission to help others get healthier, stronger, and more confident using God’s Word, so I am taking Shine on the road! Let me know if your church might be interested in a faith-based fitness workshop–I will come to you!

P.P.S. And if you are here in Melbourne, treat your loved ones to a
special Valentine gift–a healthier spirit, mind and body!
That’s better than any $75 prefix! (And a whole lot less expensive!)
Register for Courageous today!