Weighing our worth


Have you ever obsessed over the number on the scale? (Or maybe you still do?)… that was me.

I used to strip down naked–I’m talking not even a hair tie, earring, or dribble of pee, before I stepped on the scale every morning to determine if I was going to have a “good day” or “bad day.”

For decades, that number dictated my joy, peace, and sadly–my worth.

It’s so pathetic to me that this stupid bathroom scale which I purchased nearly 20 years ago with a 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond could have that much control over me.

Worse yet, at times I starved myself in hopes that the number would decrease, thus validate my existence.
It never did.
It never will.

I realized I was starving.
For love.
For acceptance.
For belonging.
For meaning.

Real nourishment.

Sadly, I sought it so many places besides The One place I could receive all. of. it.–abundantly!

Dear one, we can’t free ourselves. We are broken and starving, all longing for something to fill us up and define our worth.

There’s only One Thing that can and ever will.

“We can’t free ourselves. It is a wonderful grace when we
finally give up and fall down before The One who is strong.”
–Staci Eldredge

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