My pastor often asks us the question: “How do you spell love?”
If you’re like me, sunshine, your initial reaction is l.o.v.e.., duh?! 

But Pastor Ken quickly retorts, “Love is spelled: T.I.M.E.” 

sunshine, February 14 has come and gone, but the message of love remains.
And its message is powerful.
And it’s up to us to make it purposeful and personal. 

As we continue the month of February, we are continuing our CORE challenge on Shine with Frannie’s FB page. It’s great to have you there, and I want you to keep showing up, but more importantly, I want you to have a stronger heart–spiritually, too, sunshine. 

How do we strengthen our hearts spiritually?”
By loving.
By being imitating Jesus.

In the Bible, we read numerous stories of Jesus performing miracles as a result of being interrupted. It’s amazing to me how He always took time to stop and bless others amidst the busyness of His-short-lived-three-year-ministry.

I am humbled (and often embarrassed) that I don’t let the person behind me with the-less-than-10-items-in-her-basket go in front of me and my big ole cart because I have “somewhere to be!” 

It is often afterward where I am convicted by the Holy Spirit, “Seriously, Frannie?!” 

In those moments, I often recall Jesus’ willingness to be interrupted and the blessings that followed as a result. If I want to be more like Jesus, I need to allow interruptions in my day. And in my life. 

Taking time to make the call.
Talking (not just sitting silently) with the person next to me that I don’t recognize in my row that I sit week after week at Sunday service.
Visiting with a co-worker going through a rough spell despite my ever-growing “to do list.”

In an interview, I once heard Bob Goff say, “The most influential people in my life were not the smartest, but the ones that were most available.” 

Wow! So true, right,  sunshine!?
And how convicting.

I wonder:
Am I available to others?
Do I allow interruptions? 
How do I respond when interrupted?

This lead me down a reflective rabbit trail.
Just a touch of Jesus can offer healing.   “At that moment Jesus felt power go out from him.
He turned to the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?”
Mark 5:30 

My conclusion: what if the interruption is my assignment? 

This week, I am seeking to love others.
I am making deliberate and intentional efforts to be more available.
I’m allowing (and embracing!) interruptions.

Who is in need of your LOVE (TIME) this week, sunshine?
How will you make yourself available to others?
How will you embrace interruptions?
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