Last week, I sent an email to my list with a link to a podcast with Bob Goff as the guest.

At the end of the email, I encouraged readers to listen to the entire episode, then tag me in social postings or respond via email with some feedback.

I received several messages; here are a few:

“He is such a great (and hilarious) storyteller! I could listen to him for hours!
I went on to find more podcasts with him as a guest!
I’m a forever fan! Thanks for sharing him with us!”
–Josie T.

“I didn’t realize he had his own podcast–I subscribed and
have listened while I’m cooking dinner each night!”
–Paula A.

“I downloaded Dream Big on Audible and finished it in two days!
Now on to other Bob Goff books!” 
–Mary H.

“I went to his website…he calls himself ‘the chief balloon inflator!’
I didn’t know he leads retreats…we should plan to go to one!”
–Sarah S. 

“I am kind of obsessed! I went and followed him on
Twitter and IG, and think I liked every post!”
–Toni R. 

Now I did not plan this, for real, but it organically happened.

People heard from a source about Bob’s great podcast, went and listened, and then took action!

They became fans, followers, subscribers, bought his book(s) and even made plans to attend his retreat. Now talk about the power of social proof!?!?! 
And that was all from one 30-minute podcast suggestion!

As an entrepreneur, you know the power of referrals and “word of mouth” marketing! (Hello, microinfluencers!) And you know how good it feels to have someone else promoting you and sharing your awesomeness–unsolicited! Can I get an, “AMEN!” up in here?!?!

If you want to social proof your personal brand (which increases your expert status, builds your audience and grows your business) try these 7 strategies–

1. Display your best: Have you had a client with exceptional results? Share them on your social channels and within your community. (Be sure to ask permission from your client. Oh, and ask them to share within their tribe, too!) 

2. Use personal proof/evidence: My coach shares her earnings statements on social, not to brag, but to prove that she is walking the walk make consistent 5 figure months without going into debt. 

3. Create surveys and share the data: Poll your clients and share the results with your tribe. Use exact language and highlight the areas of greatest impact. 

4. Obtain testimonials from clients: This is best if captured on video. A short 30-40 second video can truly be a game changer for your business. Ask your client to share on his/her channels as well. 

5. Media mentions: If you’ve been featured in print or digital media publications, share away! Tag the media outlet for further amplification.

6. Interview experts and clients on your social channels: Even if you’re not a podcaster, you can do a quick LIVE interview and guide the conversation with key phrases, buzz words and other questions so that your audience becomes curious and interested! 

7. Get booked on a podcast: Guesting on a podcast gives you authority as a thought leader and expert, plus it exposes you to a warm tribe of your ideal audience members. (If you did your research to find the right podcasts.) Not sure where to start, don’t have any time or haven’t a clue how to write a pitch? Let’s chat! Book a call and get booked for next month!