In a phone call with a friend last week, he joked, “Fran-dog, I often wonder what God is up to in your life.. Since I’ve known you, you’ve endured the most trials and suffering of any believer I know…and this ‘losing streak’ seems to have followed you to Florida…I hope your life gets better soon…”

My quick and defensive retort was: BRING IT ON!

I agreed that I’ve endured much adversity (and much has been self-inflicted), but how wonderful and blessed my life truly is!

I shared with my friend that I don’t see my life as a “losing streak” at all–how could it be when I am on the “winning team”?!

I continued that each experience has been an opportunity to draw nearer to God and for Him to reveal His divine protection, provision and power in my life. His strength has been made manifest in my weakness. (2 Corin 12:9)
And let me tell you, sunshine: I’ve got plenty of weaknesses for His glory to be revealed!

Hurricane Irma is looming as I write this blog.
And what an opportunity she provides for me to seek Him!

Pride is probably my biggest area of weakness, so it is most ironic that God gives me numerous opportunities to trust in and rely upon Him–and not my own strength, power, degrees, bank account…

Though the winds may blow and the rain pour down, “…in the middle of the storm, I am holding on…” (Reference to David Crowder’s song, I am; video link above)

What about you, sunshine?
Are you enduring your personal Hurricane Irma?
How are you “holding on?”

Let me know. I want to pray for you so you can remain strong and steadfast, despite the winds and rain that attempt to rock your foundation.