I felt like a loser.

In casual conversation during Friday’s lunch period, I asked a colleague,
“What are you doing this weekend?”

His response seemed like an Encyclopedia Britannica volume as he outlined his art career and boasted about the many exhibits he’s been showcased over the years. Then he sucked the remaining air out of the lunchroom when he shared how he was going to spend his weekend at a local art show as the “local celebrity artist” selling his paintings to the tune of $5,000 each.
(Can you hear my annoyance, sunshine? #workinprogress #jealousy #grace)

With some I-look-interested-head-nods and a few “Wow!”s, he employed social etiquette and volleyed my question. With two minutes left in the lunch period, he inquired, “So what’s your hidden talent?”

Flummoxed and feeling insecure because I have nothing that earns me $5K a pop let alone any musical, artistic, or athletic talents, I sheepishly replied,
“I make people happy.”

With a raise of one eyebrow, my colleague placated me, “Oh, well that’s nice. The world needs that.”

And then I was saved by the bell. (#screech)

The conversation was shut down as the lunch period ended. And of course, in typical FF fashion, I left that conversation stewing and replaying my what-I-wish-I-would’ve-said-response. But, tbh, sunshine, I came up with nothing.

I don’t draw or paint.
I don’t play an instrument or sing.
I don’t play volleyball or any other organized sport.
I can’t tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue or knit a scarf.

And then I thought about my response.

I make people happy.
And in the way the enemy likes to weasel in, I even started to question that.

And at just that moment, a card fell from my bulletin board.

The handmade card from one of my favorite students (pictured above) given to me “just because” brought tears to my eyes–more than a Nicholas Sparks movie! God knew I needed assurance that making people happy was indeed a gift–His gift to me and to the world!

I sat down and prayed, thanking God for that reminder and His faithfulness, too!

While my colleague may not be impressed, and I may never add $5K to my bank account for these gifts, my Crest-Whitestrip smile, infectious energy, and personal trials and experiences, all of which have been blended to give me a heart to serve Him and others, (Jer 29:11) will have eternal and priceless returns.

So what about you, sunshine? What’s your hidden talent? I am confident you have more than you and I can count.

My highest hope and prayer for you today, sunshine, is that you recognize and hone your many talents and gifts that God has given you and that you use them to love and serve Him!

“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts.
Use them well to serve one another.”
1 Peter 4:10 NLT

Oh, and another talent God has gifted me is my passion to motivate others through fitness! Join us today on Shine with Frannie’s Facebook page at 4:30p.m. EST.
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