Health and Wellness

It’s heart health month, and it’s time to keep those ’22 goals in motion! 

Get in shape–spirit, soul, & body–with our February health challenge!

Tune in to today’s episode for details about this 3-part-challenge to help you get stronger as you grow with The Lord! 

Let me know if you’re in–screenshot this episode and tag me on social!

Scripture reminds us that our bodies are the home of the Holy Spirit (1 Corin 6:19-20), so it is imperative to steward our health and use our bodies to glorify God–what we eat, how we think, how often we move, and more!

Every month I will share a health challenge–note, I didn’t say fitness challenge because your health encompasses your spirit, soul, and body!

We will embark upon new endeavors each month to help you strengthen and fortify your Holy Temple so you can prosper, just as your soul prospers as we are reminded in 3 John 2!

Every month I will share the challenge with the larger Shine with Frannie community on my podcast, however as a member of Lighten Up Lifestyle, you will receive exclusive workouts, resources, and tips to help you stay committed to your monthly goals!

Remember–it is difficult to hit a moving target so the more you M.O.V.E., (More Of Victory Everyday) you will experience!

Let’s MOVE, sisters!