• Have you lost and gained the same 100lbs. over and over in your life? You know, you lose -10, gain 10 X10!?!?
  • Do you ever feel like your life is a game of whack-a-mole? You’ve experienced victory in one area of life, only to have another issue pop up elsewhere!?
  • Have your vices matured with you? Food addiction became binging on alcohol or shopping or even Netflix or exercise.
  • Have you ever obsessed over minutes of exercise, calorie counting, the number on the scale but you feel like a failure because you can’t sustain these practices and you always feel frustrated that you’re not seeing (or feeling) the results of your efforts?
  • Have you tried every diet, weight loss pill or powder, or health program with the hope that “this will be the one” to help you lose weight and get healthy for good?

If you agreed with any of the above and thought, “OMG, that’s me!” then I invite you to join me for a free LIVE masterclass: So Long Self-Sabotage, Hello, Breakthrough! 

During this 1-hour-LIVE session on Monday, March 21 @ 7:30PM EST, I’ll share biblical tools that I’ve used to break free of life-long toxic cycles and unhealthy habits and how to overcome them using God’s Word–now LIVING FREE from shame, guilt, condemnation, desire for approval and acceptance and more!

P.S. Let’s welcome spring together! If you’re interested in joining this call,
simply reply to this message, and I will share the zoom link
and other essentials for Monday’s LIVE training.