I was obsessed.

Like clockwork, almost every night round 3:30a.m., I was awakened from a deep sleep. The gallon of water from yesterday was calling.

After flushing and hand washing, I’d wander my way to the scale with one eye barely open.

If the outcome was as I hoped, I’d reward myself by sleeping in until 6:30.

If the number was the same (or God-forbid–more) than the previous weigh-in (most likely less than 12 hours before and following my afternoon sweat session), I would be hitting the alarm in about an hour’s time for my punishment–an hour’s worth of I-hate-every-minute-of-this-cardio.

The scale ruled my life.
The number became my idol.
Sadly, together I allowed them to define my worth and dictate my attitude.  

Less than yesterday’s weigh in=rested and feeling happy and confident
The same or more than=tired, irritable, and feeling defeated

The obsession had to end.
The idolatry had to be put to death.

Thank God for grace. 
I’ve learned that I am strong, powerful, beautiful, and worthy because of who I am, not because of how much I weigh or the size jeans I wear.

What about you, sunshine?
Is something taking 1st place in your life and controlling you?

If it’s God, you are good to go.
If it’s something else, it has to go.  

Share with me if this resonated with you.
Also, let me know if there is something I can pray for you, too.

With scale-less love,