If you know me, you likely know one of my favorite expressions–

“If you don’t have five minutes, then you need to take an hour.”
This is powerful, yet very challenging to do, as we live in a society where we often validate our worth by how many “busy” badges we wear. 

Church volunteer.
Car pool driver.
Bible study leader.
Home room mom.
Girl scout leader.
Soccer coach.
Board member.

While each of these may be “good” in their own ways, too often too much can just simply be too much.
We lose sight of what matters most. 

Let’s face it, sunshine.

If God, The Creator of the heaven and earth and every thing in it, on it, and around it, took an entire day to rest, then it is only arrogant and prideful of us to think that we mustn’t need a day to slow down and recharge.

Chill out.
Cancel the activities for the evening.

For in your yielding, you will yield the most, and I have no doubt others will benefit greatly, too!