The enemy is on the prowl looking to attack.

He is after…
⚡peace of mind
⚡enjoyment of life


Let’s just be real–he’s after anything that will keep us from living fully and freely.

He wants to keep us confused, captive, and crazy.
He will find any area of weakness and go in for the kill.

So it makes me spitting-nails-angry that he has gone so low as to confuse our normal everyday habits like eating and drinking!

The health and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar money maker, as we all-too-often succumb to latest fads and trends in exercise and diet attempting to find the “magic cure” that will make us healthy and happy.

As you likely know–that’s never the case.

In today’s episode I dive into the confused state of dieting and how the enemy has a stronghold over this health habit BIG TIME.

If you’ve ever been confused as to which diet is best for you, I invite you to tune in today’s show and explore how the enemy is at work here and more importantly, how you can reclaim your power and authority over your health–physical and mental–through The One and Only who will always satisfy!

Click the link below or tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.


…God doesn’t stir us up into confusion;
he brings us into harmony…”
1 Corin 14:33 MSG

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