Have you ever decided you were going to pursue a dream, take action steps toward your new plan, or reignite a long-lost- desire? Then…WHAACCKKKK!

You get hit over the head by a 2×4, (metaphorically speaking, of course) and it stops you dead in your tracks. 

Fear sets in.
   Doubt bubbles over.
   Regret floods your mind.
   Then you just STOP.

Next you start to question:

Did I miss God’s direction?
Is the pain worth it?
What if I get hurt again?

Full paralysis.

We’re less than two full months into the year and I’ve felt all of these feels listed above about1000x already!

Most recently it happened yesterday.

Let me explain. 

At the beginning of this year, I vowed that I didn’t want 2022 to look like last year or any other year for that matter.  I knew I needed to do things differently if I wanted different results. This involved a number of things, including having guests on the Shine with Frannie Show.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been pursuing a number of visions from this year’s prayer board with fervor. 

Excitedly I launched a podcast with my first male guest, Anthony O’Neal, yesterday. I was jazzed! Except when I hit play, there was no FF audio. You could hear him perfectly fine, but you couldn’t hear the questions I was asking him! Kind of a problem on an interview, right?  #epicfail

I tried troubleshooting all morning but had absolutely NO success.

I stepped away from my rabbit-trail of self-sabotaging thoughts and the overwhelming flood of embarrassment that I “looked like such an amateur” to this high-profile guest (over 1MILLION followers!).

I hopped on my regularly scheduled call with my coach at 1PM and explained the situation; we prayed and she specifically asked God to supernaturally replace the audio or for a more creative way to embed new audio. 

I kid you not–from our Spirit-filled prayers to God’s-in-tuned-ears, the audio was miraculously restored! At the end of our call, I checked the Dropbox folder I previously reviewed like 400x that morning, and God did it! The entire episode was there! 

Friend, I share this story with you as a reminder that when you pursue your God given desires, you are going to experience resistance. This is how the enemy operates! He knows that if he can keep you from praying through, pressing forward, and persevering to the end, he wins the battle–not the war–but that battle. 

Know that when you step out, you will…
   get scared
   be uncertain
   doubt your sanity.

But you know what else?

When you do, you will also…
   learn the power (and importance) of prayer!
   trust God in bigger ways!
   strengthen muscles of faith!
want to tell others how God showed off! (That’s what I’m doing right here!) 

Have you ever been derailed, distracted, or detoured from pursuing your dreams? If not, it’s bound to happen. (And maybe this is a call to dream bigger dreams that you can’t do solo!)

I invite you pray! Trust! Press on! What you gain on the other side is bigger and better than what you lose when you stay right here.

P.S. Fun fact: “Elyashib” is the Hebrew name for The God who restores! I pray that you encounter God in a new way today!

If you want to listen to the FULL episode, 
Saved, Single & Savvy Stewardship with special guest, Anthony O’Neal,
click the links below or tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.