God text

Who do you text or talk to the most everyday, sunshine?
You likely know where they are at any given moment. When they’ll be home from work or school. What they’d like for dinner. What events filled their day.
Now, how often are you connecting with God throughout any given day, sunshine?
God’s expectation of us is simple: love Him. It’s simple, but not always easy.
It seems the busyness of life seems to get in the way of us intimately connecting with Him; would you agree?
Let’s make this real: think about how touched you are when a dear friend or child makes a quick call to say “Hey!” or just hangs out in the same room with you, even to watch TV. Her presence is the present. 
That’s all God asks of you and me. Be still and sit with Him. Give Him a call or a text in the midst of your busy day.  Let Him know you are thinking of Him–He’s never stopped thinking of you, sunshine.
So if connecting with God routinely throughout your day is not a common practice, I have a little suggestion that might make this precious act of honor and obedience easier: set reminders on your phone throughout the day to pray, say grace, slow down, meditate, sing a praise song–something, anything–that demonstrates your love for Him.
Try it this week and let me know how your “God reminder challenge” works out. I have a feeling that your days will be brighter and your life more peaceful.
I’m looking forward to hearing how you hear from God this week,