blood drive

It has been a week and a half since the mass-shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. While I continue to pray for the mourning family members and our country’s security at large, I felt moved to give blood at the truck stationed outside of the gym today.
Confession: I have never donated blood because of my unidentified fear of needles, however I found it fitting that giving blood in honor of those who died innocently at Pulse night club was most appropriate. To date, I am blessed beyond measure with a pulse, so why not give in their honor to something so special: the gift of life?
I’d like to encourage you to think of a way that you might do something in honor of those who lost their lives. And if you’ve already done something, I’d love to share the good news and ideas of your kindness. Let me know so others may be moved to follow your lead, sunshine.
With a heart full of love (and one less pint of blood),